Behind the scenes that you'll only see here, 'Top Chef' films in Charleston

Charleston, SC- A warehouse where firetrucks were once made is now a full blown TV studio. Packed inside is more kitchen equipment than you could imagine and it is sitting next to all the lights, scaffolding and gear needed to bring an industrial kitchen to your TV screen. These are the signs that Top Chef is in town.

Right now, Top Chef is filming in Charleston. Top Chef is Bravo's popular show that has some of the best chefs from across the country compete against one another. News 2's Ashley Yost got an inside look at how the show comes to life on your TV. She brings you a behind the scenes look that you will only see on News 2.

We caught up with Top Chef head judge and award-winning chef, Tom Colicchio. We asked him why the show ended up in Charleston.

"Why Charleston?" he repeated back. "I've been trying to get down to Charleston for a while now to do the show," said Colicchio. "I've been coming down here for the last 15 years and it's a great food town."

The food scene in Charleston is no secret to those of us who live here and now people everywhere who watch Top Chef will get a little taste. "For a while now Charleston has really been coming on strong and it's recognized in the US," Colicchio pointed out. "I'm partial to New York," he said with a guilty grin. "But I think it's up there with San Francisco and Chicago."

The season would not be a Charleston affair without some of our own culinary masters. "You will see plenty of Charleston chefs who will be part of the show," Colicchio promised. Also, there will be some Lowcountry spice in the food creations. "Typically when we come into a town we say that the city becomes almost a character in itself," Colicchio described. "There's going to be a lot of challenges that are based around local foods."

He says the typical Charleston food pairings fit with a greater cooking trend. "Right now there's been such a resurgence of Southern foods in all sorts of ways and so yeah, I think you'll see some of that in the show as well."

Get your DVR and your dinner tables ready y'all!

"It was time to bring the show down south and have a good time," Colicchio said with a smile.

You might be wondering why you only see video of equipment, production crews and previous Top Chef seasons and it is because the specifics about the Charleston season are still a secret. The show does not air until later this year, but we got all the behind the scenes stuff on camera. We got to see the chefs competing, the amazing set and Colicchio talked about some specific challenges happening at some of your favorite places in town. We'll be the first to bring you before the show hits your TV screen- just not yet. You will only see it on News 2.

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