Carios's Kinesthetic classroom keeps students on the move while learning

Movement is incorporated into learning at Cario Middle School, promoting wellness while learning. We're in Mount Pleasant for our first Cool School of the week for the new school year.

Students at Thomas C. Cario Middle School are on the move, literally. Math teacher Traci Peters-McGuire says, "We know exercise is the one thing that optimizes brain function."

Through a grant, Peters-McGuire was able to transform her math classroom. She says, "We are the only middle school content based classroom that has kinesthetic machines for all students." The students use different types of exercise equipment instead of traditional desks. Seventh grade student Lauren Rosier says, "While we're learning you're also moving around, so you don't get too tired, and you learn stuff and you're moving. It really helps. I usually look forward to coming to this class." McGuire says,"It helps the Kinesthetic learner because they're moving while they're learning, but it also helps everyone else because exercise increases endorphins which puts us in a positive mood. It also increases our attention span. It allows our brain to work harder for us, and retain longer, so it's a win win situation for children who need to move while they're learning." Principal Sharon Randall says they are hoping to expand the program, " We continually look for ways to incorporate movement in the classroom. We hope to add more of those components in our classrooms."

Cario's physical education program includes a unique Action Based Learning course in 6th grade that becomes Human Anatomy in 7th grade, and Intro to Personal Fitness in 8th grade.

Coming up Friday on News 2 Today, we'll present the Cario Comets with our Cool School award.

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