Cool School: Prestige Preparatory Academy

Turning boys into gentlemen scholars, Prestige Preparatory Academy is a unique school for boys in Charleston county.   We're in North Charleston for our Cool School of the week.

Prestige Preparatory Academy opened its doors this school year on the old Navy Base in North Charleston.

It's the only all boys public charter school in Charleston county.  Currently for kindergarten through 4th grades,  they hope to grow to k-through-8th grade by 20-20.   The year-round school focuses on the innate ways boys learn,  with a focus on literacy and wellness.  Kinesthetic equipment and  Isokinetic ball chairs keep boys on the move in the classroom.

The school is divided into universities, schools-within-a-school.  Grades K-2 are in the "Dream Builders University" in the House of Alpha, where they are "building the foundation."  Grades 3-4 are in the "Dream Makers University" in the House of Kappa, "leveraging the knowledge."

Joyce Coleman is the founder and executive director of Prestige. "This is unique. This is the first all boy charter school in Charleston county and with anything you have your struggles,  but we are willing to go against the odds to make a difference for these young men."  says Coleman.   "We work on addressing the unique ways boys learn and the way they do things, their tempo, and making school literacy and wellness focused."

Teacher Mindy Carmines says, "Boys are fun and all boys are active, so we have a lot of activities that we do with them.  We have recess two times a day.  We have board games.  They get to play checkers, eventually they're going to learn how to play chess.  We have PE,  art.  We just like to keep them up and moving, so they don't have to sit down in their seat the whole day like a traditional school."  Kindergarten student Lakeith Major says, "A ball is something to exercise with and the bike is something to exercise with also, keeps you moving and it's something to do."

Prestige is a year round school.  They follow Charleston county's schedule, but also have a five week summer institute for students.

After school programs include boy scouts, a music program with drum line and key boarding,  and soccer is coming soon.

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