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Westminster Presbyterian Preschool engages young students with fun and interactive learning


Westminster Presbyterian Preschool has helped to build solid educational foundations for young students for more than fifty years. We're in West Ashley for our Cool School of the week.

Westminster Presbyterian Preschool  has served children and families in the Lowcountry since 1964.  "We're a faith based program.  We highlight phonics, individualized learning, and having a really good time fostering the love of learning and reading", says Alicia Crosby, the preschool's director.  "We do a lot of hands on activities with our phonics and letters and reading out on the hallway with all the  books they've read.  It's just a great place to be.  It is a Cool School because we have the most awesome teachers. They never leave. They come and they stay forever, and they put themselves out there for the kids and they're always coming up with new ideas, and always changing things up, always making it as cool as it could be. "

The school offers an enrichment program where they have an opportunity for hands on activities using the Smart board.   Kerry Gillner is the school's enrichment teacher.  "I'm one of the ones with a Smartboard.  I incorporate that a lot into our lessons. but we also do a lot of hands on activities."

Children attend chapel weekly, as well as music, Spanish and Funnastics gym class.  Parent Heather Iverson says,  "It feels like a family.  I feel like the curriculum is rigorous and challenging enough that they have high expectations for the children, but at the same time, if a child needs to work on their own developmental level, they're not making it too challenging  for them.  They really individualize it for what the child needs."
Westminster also offers after-school programs like dance, art, and yoga.  Five-year-old Ella Iverson says,  "It's where you can learn about stuff.  It's so cool , so awesome.  I want to make sure when I go to first grade, it has to be the same.  It's so cool here.  It's so awesome.  I love it."

Coming up Friday, we'll present Westminster with our Cool School award.

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