Everyday Hero: Gordon Cashwell

Helping tear down walls of poverty, addiction, homelessness, a decade of work, Ministry Without Walls offers help to build solid foundations and change lives for many in need in the Charleston area. We're in Downtown Charleston with Pastor Gordon Cashwell, our Everyday Hero.

Pastor Gordon Cashwell started Without Walls Ministry in 2008, a non-profit organization, partnering with local churches, humanitarian groups, business and civic organizations to help families in need. The ministry offers physical and spiritual help to people throughout the greater Charleston area. "Ultimately it comes down to giving people resources and connecting the dots for them so they can move ahead in their lives," Cashwell says. "Basically, the idea is yeah we feed thousands on Christmas day at the Citadel stadium. We help thousands of kids for back to school. We'll have Easter egg hunts in all the neighborhoods, but on a weekly basis, we're involved in trying to connect people with spiritual, social, financial, career opportunities for them so they can move ahead in life."

Without Walls Ministry adopts neighborhoods and they create garden communities. They work with the elderly and distribute food on a daily basis. They also mentor children. Cashwell says, "We did a great summer camp. Everyday of the week for kids and we didn't even have a building. We were able to do it with a bus which is behind us, and some staff, and some really good people who by the way were people who were in the past drug addicts. They were in the past struggling, maybe even homeless on the streets, but after years of training, they're leaders and now they're passing to the kids that same idea. You have a future. You're important, and that's the biggest idea behind Without Walls. It's people."

Through several outreach initiatives, Ministry Without Walls organizes the annual Convoy of Hope. Christmas Day at the Citadel Stadium provides meals, clothes, gifts, medical and health screenings for thousands of children and veterans..

In partnership with State Representative Wendell Gilliard, the organization also held a coat drive for the homeless. Cashwell says, "For a number of years, we operated a residential men's facility, which was for men with life controlling problems, not a crisis shelter, but a year long program where they could get connections, and the strength and the help, and the set up they need to get on their feet and become more productive." To me, the most rewarding part is the ones that come to the events. They become leaders. To me heros are people in our organization and others in the city, so many that are serving and loving, and that's what America is about."

Gordon Cashwell says he hopes to one day open a free dental clinic in Downtown Charleston. Without Walls Ministry is funded through business and individual donations, and they are always in need of help and volunteers.

If you would like to help, click here. <HTTP://WWW.WITHOUTWALLSMINISTRY.ORG>

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