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Everyday Hero: Brian Stiles

Despite his own health challenges, Brian Stiles goes above and beyond to help homeless dogs.  He's our Everyday Hero.  
They say dogs are man's best friends,  and Brian Stiles is a best friend to many dogs at Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary in Hollywood, a non-profit that provides sanctuary for abandoned, abused, or neglected animals for thirty years .
"I love coming out here everyday, says Stiles.
With two dogs of his own, fifty-eight-year-old Stiles has a passion  for helping homeless dogs.   He volunteered  at the Charleston Animal Society for years, and now volunteers at Hallie Hill.  Stiles says, "I live right around the corner, five minutes from here.  I bought the home because it was so close to Hallie Hill.  It's beautiful out here for one thing, and it's a good cause.  These animals need the help.   I post a lot of stuff hopefully helps get them adopted. It helps. It gets them adopted, gets them seen by a lot more people."

Even though Brian is in a fight for his life,  he still does what he can to help.  Brian says, "This morning I felt a little rough.  I was diagnosed with stage three lung cancer.  I've gone through chemo and radiation, in fact I had radiation again today.  Things look good, it's not a a complete positive cure that's going to happen, but I keep doing what I'm doing.  I struggle to come here, but when I get here, I feel a lot better every time."  

Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary director Jennifer Middleton says, "Brian is fantastic!  All of our volunteers are crucial, but Brian takes that extra step. He's had the experience of working with dogs and accessing their behavior, so that i can trust him to take the dogs out in public,  and he can give me feedback on how ready they are for adoption.  He is crucial to not only socializing these dogs, an getting them ready for a home,  but getting them out so the general public can see and know about them.  He's a trooper.  He's an absolute trooper.  He doesn't feel sorry for himself.  He shows up here and he does what he does for the animals.  He's part of the Hallie Hill family.  He really is, and he means the world to us"

For more information on Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary and how you can help, call  843-889-3713.


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