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Call Collett: 4 steps to resolving customer disputes

Steps you can take from home to resolve issues

When customers run into problems with a product or service, often companies are hoping those customers won’t push for resolution. But if you complain effectively, you could be among those getting satisfaction.

The News 2 investigators field dozens of calls every month from customers up against big business, contractors, and warranty companies.  Often there is no resolution in sight.

Julianna Harris with the SC Department of Consumer Affairs recommends customers fight for resolution.

Harris says start by working through the customer service line.  If you’re not getting the answer you want over the phone, ask to speak with a manager.  Don’t wo be afraid to escalate your call. But Harris says be nice and polite.

Once you’ve called, follow up with emails.  Often a company will have contact information published on the company website. Finally send a certified letter that clearly outlines the problem and your expectation. 

If that doesn't work to get the business's attention, take your complaint to social media.  Share your experience and any pictures you may have on your social media pages or on the pages of the company.  Be sure to tag the business in your complaint.

Finally use state agencies like the Department of Consumer Affairs or Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation.  These entities will investigate consumer complaints and help with resolution.  Filing out complaints can be done online through the agency websites.

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