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Call Collett: Termites infest Hanahan home

Barbara Wood thought her husband was having a bad dream when he woke up in the middle of the night telling her there were bugs in their bed.

“I turned on the lights, and sure enough tiny little bugs were falling out of our ceiling fan,” Barbara told Count on 2 investigator, Rebecca Collett.

And so began the nightmare reality of their termite infestation.

Arrow Termite and Pest Control started treating the house during construction in 2006. So Barbara thought she was protected.

“My expectation has always been the CL100; I have a termite bond,” she explained. “I have a pest control company I had for many years. I haven’t had a problem, and then the problem came.”

Termites infested the family’s Hanahan home two years ago.  With the siding off to investigate, termites were found in walls, the floor, the windows, in the master bedroom and bathroom.  There were remnants on the front stairs. The Woods expected Arrow to cover the fix since their contract with them covers up to $250,000 in repairs.  Arrow paid roughly $30,000 since being made aware of the infestation.   Barbara says it’s not enough.

“We need beams,” she explained.  “They are eaten with termites.”

They family says the full scope of damage has been determined, either.

After negotiating with Arrow failed, the family filed a breach of contract lawsuit against Arrow.  The Woods were hopeful mediation would help them find a solution for repairs. Mediation failed too. 

“I want to go to sleep at night without fear the termites are falling from the ceiling,” Barbara explained.

The company refused to pay for all the repairs,  citing conducive conditions.  Arrorw’s attorney, Trent Kernodle, blamed the Wood’s water damage.  Kernodle believes the water attracted termites and ruined Arrow’s treatment.  When News 2 asked for an interview, Kernodle responded via email, “We will not engage,” adding, “I don't think that is proper for litigation”.

Termite infestations impact more than 600,000 homes in the U.S each year, causing around $5 billion in damage and treatment for homeowners, according to Terminix.

As for what to look for in your own pest control contract,  Terminix recommends four key elements.

  • Make sure it covers both Formosan and Eastern termites. 
  • Make sure damage repair is guaranteed, not just treatment.
  • Look for any sort of repair deductible.
  • Check the repair coverage limits.

You want coverage for the full amount of your home at a minimum.

 The Wood’s contract with Arrow covered both Formosan and Eastern termites and carried at $250,000 repair policy.  But since they won’t cover the full extent of damage,  Barbara believes her only recourse is court.

For details on spotting termites around you house, click here.

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