Goose Creek and Summerville Chick-Fil-As are first in the nation to offer ordering from your table

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) — Two Chick-fil-A restaurants in the Lowcountry are the first in the nation to try a brand-new service.

A few months ago, Chick-fil-A began promoting their Chick-Fil-A one app. It allows you to order food from your phone. Employees will bring it to your car, or you can skip the regular line inside and pick up your food at a special pick up line inside.

But Chick-Fil-A Operating Partner Jennifer Ritchie tells News 2 that at two Lowcountry Chick-Fil-As, the company is testing a way to allow you to skip a line altogether inside.

"Our two stores which are Chick-fil-A of Goose Creek and Chick-fil-A of Summerville on north Main Street, are the only two stores in the nation doing the dine-in mobile ordering function."

Here's how it works. Just find a seat, and then open the app on your phone. Decide what you want to eat and note where you are sitting. A couple of minutes after you order, they just walk up with your food. "It's great for families so mom's who have a lot of kids in tow can come and get your kids settled, sit down, put in your favorite order and it pops up on our screen and we bring it straight to you. You don't have to stand in any lines or anything like that."

You can also earn free food as you make purchases on the app.

Keep in mind, the dining-in portion of the app where you can order food from your table is only good at the Goose Creek and Summerville locations.

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