Upstate firefighters help cover shifts at Townville Fire Department

WSPA - TOWNVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) - Firefighters from all corners of the Upstate are working extra hours this week to help out the Townville fire department while they heal with their community.

Firefighters from several different locations, as far as Lancaster County, have been filling in for 12-hour shifts, since last Thursday.

Tuesday the Taylors fire department was there to cover a shift. They told us they want the Townville Firefighters to be with their family and friends this week, especially Tuesday and Wednesday as the Town prepares to lay 6-year-old Jacob Hall to rest.

"It is kind of a life-changing thing to reach out your hands and help each other. Especially after what they went through. It's something nobody wants anyone to see or ever wants to deal with," Lt. Todd Jennings said. "We are all one. Everyone has their own name, Taylors Fire department or Townville. We all serve the same purpose. We like to refer to it as a brotherhood in the fire service and it really is. When one department needs help, we like to lend a hand and do what we can to help out."

Firefighters will continue to cover the shifts until this coming Thursday evening.

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