Local photographer steps up to shoot couple's wedding for free

An update from a story News 2 brought you last month. Kaitlyn Brunner and Austin Harriss are high school sweethearts and three weeks before their wedding date, they noticed the person they hired as a wedding photographer stopped responding to their messages, deleted her website, and changed her name on social media. Kaitlyn then found an article out of Texas, citing multiple brides who claimed this photographer took their money and never showed up at the wedding.

After finding that out, Brunner said, "What are we going to do for our wedding? I just gave this lady $250, which I know isn't a huge deal, but for us it is when we are planning the wedding ourselves."

Kaitlyn and Austin's wedding was Saturday and every moment was captured by a local wedding photographer who offered to do it for free.

The photographer, Liana McDonald, says, "That's what we in Charleston all do, we help each other out. That's the great thing about Charleston and I wanted to be a part of it."

McDonald owns "Shoot and Frame Photography" and did not only provide photos, but one less element of stress on this couple's wedding day.

Austin says, "It was a huge load off of our chests."

Kaitlyn says the news that it would be free came as a shock.

She says, "I was so overwhelmed I started crying."

Liana was there for every second of the day, every laugh, every tear, every moment this couple will want to remember forever.

Kaitlyn says, "They are the most important part of the day, pretty much."

Because while the wedding might be one day, the photos will last a lifetime.

McDonald says, "The wedding dress, they'll never wear it again, and food they will never get to eat again, but photography that is something, special moments being captured forever, and that is beautiful thing. I am happy to create something for couples and after years they can share with their kids, grandkids, it's beautiful."

For a couple who worried they may not have any photos of their wedding day, they now can't wait to see the final product.

Kaitlyn says, "I want to have a wedding wall, a whole wall of wedding pictures."

Austin adds, "And maybe a photo-book too."

Kaitlyn says, "As many things as possible."

If you are hiring a photographer for your wedding, McDonald recommends you read reviews carefully and meet with a photographer before paying them any money.

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