Losing arm hasn't slowed down 14-year-old girl

Stephanie Langston, WKRN - PARSONS, Tenn. (WKRN) - From beauty pageants to paddle boarding, losing an arm is not slowing down a Parsons, Tennessee, teen.

We first introduced you to Chloe Monroe in July after she lost control of a Utility Terrain Vehicle and it flipped.

Chloe is working to make sure her tragic accident inspires others.

"It's made me such a stronger person," she told News 2.

Six surgeries later, the 14-year-old is back to somewhat of a normal teenage life.

"Learning how to work with one arm is definitely difficult, but I can do it," she smiles.

Fourth of July weekend, Chloe was behind the wheel of a UTV with her 4-year-old sister Shyloh beside her.

Chloe lost control and the vehicle flipped, amputating her arm. Fortunately, her little sister wasn't hurt.

"I tell her give me a hug and she hugs the arm first and then she hugs me and she calls it 'Army,'" Chloe laughs.

"Army" hasn't slowed Chloe down. She just started her freshman year at Riverside High School.

"It's a lot harder for me because relearning how to write," she said.

Chloe lost her dominant left arm, so she is relearning everything, including dance moves with her high school team.

"Some things are hard, harder than others, but I try to do everything that I can and sometimes I fail."

Her mom says that positive attitude has touched the hearts of her community.

"I think the word that comes to mind is resilient. She has really shown great stride in being positive," Jennifer Monroe explained.

Chloe is one of only 20 girls across the country recently chosen to attend the annual Beautifully Flawed Retreat.

The retreat is hosted by friends of Bethany Hamilton, the surfer who lost an arm in a shark attack.

The non-profit organization reaches out to encourage hope to young girls who have lost at least one limb.

"Like Bethany said, she can embrace more people with one arm than she could ever with two and I feel like that's what Chloe is trying to do as well," her mom smiled.

Chloe hopes to not only return with surfing skills, but business skills as she plans to start her own non-profit, known as Chloe's Power of One.

Chloe will head to California in October for the retreat.

She is also participating in a pageant this weekend.

Once she is healed, the family hopes to purchase several different prosthetics, which they say may cost up to $100,000.

The community will hold a fundraiser for her October 25 at Decatur County Convention Center to help with costs. There is also a GoFundMe page set here; click here to donate.

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