Mold concerns in local apartment complex

A group of people tell News 2 their apartments are falling apart, and have the pictures to prove it. They live in apartments that are in serious disrepair, and mold so bad that there is a mushroom growing on the floor. It is at Harbor Pointe apartments in Mt. Pleasant. The people who spoke to News 2 are worried about retaliation, their voices have been altered.

One woman says, "If you were the Big Bad Wolf you could probably blow very hard and the building would fall down."

People say the apartments are falling apart.

Another person says, "I can't even go out on my patio because it's rotted."

Appliances aren't getting repaired.

She says, "My air conditioner has been broken since September. It has been anywhere between 80-90 degrees here. I've had to sleep in my car, sleep over at friend's houses."

Even though it is repeatedly reported to the office...

Neighbors say, "They are saying everything is corrected and fine, but it's not."

They say there are leaks, letting in water that is breeding mold.

One renter says, "My electrical outlets are shorting out because there is so much water in the walls. There are other people that have mold on their floors, under their floors, growing up the walls, on their ceilings."

It's causing health problems that doctors believe are mold-related.

One woman says, "I have Bronchitis for the second time since August. I just got diagnosed with Adult Onset Asthma. They are doing blood work to see if there are black mold spores in my blood right now."

And even though these problems aren't being solved, when we asked these people why the don't just move out, they said, "There's an affordable housing shortage. It's not so easy to find a place to live or I would've been out of here."

One of the people News 2 spoke to is planning to hire an attorney and has had a building inspector come to the complex and log the problems. News 2 reached out to the apartment complex, both locally and their corporate office. They both promised to call back, but never did. The town of Mt. Pleasant says if you are in a similar situation, you should contact the Code Enforcement Office and file a complaint. You can get in touch with them by calling the town's main line at (843) 884-8571.

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