National Weather Service says Charleston could experience "worst flooding in years"

CHARLESTON, SC - With a full moon this weekend, tidal flooding is expected to be exceptionally bad Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Officials from the National Weather Service explained what to expect on flooded downtown streets.

Jonathan Lamb is a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in North Charleston and said, "It could be flooding on a level significantly higher than Charleston has seen in many years. We have a full moon approaching on Saturday which generally causes the tides to be running higher than normal."

With high tides and the possibility of heavy rain is enough to discourage some downtown residents from driving this weekend.

Clifton Williams told News 2, "It's really bad. I'm afraid to drive through it because my car may stall out."

As we look into next week, meteorologists say it may only get worse.

Carl Barnes of the National Weather Service added, "After this weekend, we have kind of a transition from just your typical coastal flooding based on the moon cycles to the potential for storm surge this coming week."

With some models now showing tropical storm "Erika" headed straight for the Lowcountry, it's tough to say what will happen, but being prepared for the worst is highly recommended.

A new crowd sourced google map of flood prone streets in notoriously flood prone Charleston gives motorists an idea of where to avoid.

Barnes suggested, "Even though it is flooding that you think you see all the time we still encourage you don't drive through it drive around it."

Officials at the National Weather Service stress the importance of safety as these tidal flooding concerns get worse over the next few days and early next week.

For more information how you can stay prepared had to


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