WWII vet, doctor share special bond

WSPA Staff - A WWII veteran and his doctor have formed a friendship at Powdersville Family Practice.

Kenneth Frasher and Dr. Robert Johnson, a Bon Secours physician, met during a routine visit nearly two years ago. They went from talking about his health to swapping stories about his history.

"He's a World War Two buff and he found out that I had been in World War Two," said Frasher.

"The first visit, we immediately hit it off," explained Dr. Johnson. "I just started talking to him and telling him how interested I was and he just opened up."

Frasher served with the Army Air Corps.

Dr. Johnson is also an Air Force veteran. Every memory shared with his patient meant so much to him so he was caught off guard when one day, Frasher decided to share even more.

"I gave him a dog tag and he was real thrilled about that," Frasher remembered.

"He handed it to me and I tried to give it back to him and he insisted," Johnson said. "I just felt incredibly special that he would even think to give that to me cause it's a piece of history, really. I just treasure it, it's like gold to me."

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