Summerville mayor makes appointments; mayor elect to redo next month

SUMMERVILLE, SC - The battle for power in Summerville continuing tonight as mayor elect Wiley Johnson is fighting for his power.

This after the council did a 1st reading on an amendment to give the power of the mayor to the town administrator.

On Wednesday night Mayor Bill Collins thanked everyone for his time as mayor but by the end of the meeting he was slamming his gavel and shouting at for order in council chambers.

Mayor Collins reappointed council members to standing committees, but next month when Wiley Johnson steps into office, he says going to redo them.

On Wednesday News 2 asked Johnson, "How do you feel about those appointments tonight do you feel that they should have waited for you?" Johnson replied by saying, "I think that would've been the polite thing to do…Council right now is basically trying to take all of the authority and power from the mayor."

Summerville residents packed town council chambers Wednesday, upset with their elected officials. Many felt as if the new mayor should be appointing the standing committees next month instead of the mayor on his way out the door.

Mayor Bill Collins told News 2, "The mayor elect says he wants to have a town administrator. We have put funding for that position into the next budget. When he is sworn in in Januar, town council will decide if they want to hire town administrator and if they do, we have the funds there for it, and it will be a council decision."

Councilman Aaron Brown tried to get council to delay the appointments until the mayor elect took office. That didn't happen on Wednesday.

Councilman Brown told News 2, "I think we should have waited until he (Johnson) had some input. This is his baby. This is what he campaigned on. What the old council is doing is cutting the legs out from under him. They're encroaching on his territory."

Johnson will be sworn in January 6th.


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