VIRAL: Michigan farmer finds woolly mammoth bones

WLNS Staff - CHELSEA, MI (WLNS) -  A Chelsea man was digging on his farm off of Scio Church Road, when he discovered bones that are thousands of years old.

James Bristle found more than he bargained for during a dig to put tile in.

"This piece came up when we were excavating, trying to put that in" Bristle said as he held a very large bone.

With tusks, ribs, teeth and more bones on his property, Bristle was unsure of what he found. "I know the anatomy of a cow, and I knew this was bigger than a cow." he said.

"This one for one thing turned out to be a mammoth rather than a mastodon. We simply receive many fewer reports of mammoth so this was interesting enough in that sense, Dan Fisher Director of Paleontology at the University of Michigan said.

Fisher says Bristle found a male, woolly mammoth that is 12,000 to 14,000 years old.

"It's teeth and the degree of wear on them and so fourth we could say an animal, that let's just say is in its 40's."

"Those are teeth, it got some groves in it, that's how they knew that." Bristle said placed his finger in the groves of the teeth larger than his hand.

Fisher says boulders and possible tool markings on the animal, indicate that humans may have preserved this large animal for food, long ago

"Put parts of a carcass to be brought to a pond, turns out that's a good way of storing of the meat and retaining accessibility to it" Fisher said.

"You see this in kids books, and cartoons but to see something like this it's just ugh…. ugh you know it's unreal, it's unreal." Bristle said as he hovered over all the pieces of bone found on his farm.

As for what's next for these remains, Bristle hopes they will be used for educational purposes and he may donate them to the University of Michigan.

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