Weightlifting recap: Men's 69kg and women's 63kg

NBCOlympics.com - Men's 69kg group B

9:39 AM

Won Jeong-Sik of South Korea takes over the group B leaderboard in his second attempt with a 143kg snatch. Serghei Cechir immpediately responded with a 144kg snatch.

9:44 AM

That's where things stand heading into the clean and jerk after Won Jeong-Sik couldn't convert with 146kg and Serghi Cehir failed to lift 146kg.

10:20 AM

Business is really picking up in the men's 69kg weight class. 320kg total was the number to beat for moment after Won Jeong-Sik completes a 177kg clean and jerk.

10:28 AM

Serghei Cechir takes the lead at 322kg in group B after a 178kg clean and jerk.

10:34 AM

Cechir holds on to his 322kg to close out group B

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