Puppy Picks

Puppy Picks - Week 16

MT. PLEASANT, S.C. - She's too senior to call a puppy, but Fifi the 11-year-old poodle is a perfect lap dog.

She's a blind beauty, no sight but she her nose works just fine when it comes to guiding her toward a bowl of food.

Fifi chose between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles, her nose led her to the bowl with the Giants' flag. Fifi is in an empire state of mind, the poodle picks New York!

Lottie the three-month-old Beagle is tasked with picking between Sunday's night showdown, Denver at Kansas City.

The puppy's playfulness is on par with most other dogs her age, but her enthusiasm for anything with a ball surpasses her puppy peers. This girl loves to have fun!

With all that energy, Lottie puts it into the bowl of the team with the energized defense, the Denver Broncos.

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