Case on Latham murder for hire plot sealed by feds

This afternoon a man at the center of a murder for hire plot was in Federal Court.  He is alleged to have been a key player in a plan to kill Nancy Latham.  In addition to the federal charges, a civil lawsuit filed on Monday claims her husband, Chris Latham, may have helped to plan and fund the failed attempt. The U.S. Attorney's Office will not release any new information about the investigation.

It's alleged some of this plan to kill was put together by Chris Latham, a well-known name in Charleston, set to divorce his wife Nancy, Treasurer at the State Lottery Commission. Others involved include Chris Latham's alleged love interest, her ex-husband and his former cell mate from jail time in Kentucky.

On Tuesday, Samuel Arthur Yenawine appeared again in Federal Court in his home state of Kentucky on charges that include conspiracy to commit murder.  Yenawine, who has already spent time in prison, will eventually be brought back to Charleston to face charges in the alleged scheme.  Attorneys for the woman said to be the target claim it was a well developed plan about to be carried out.

"This is a plot that went far beyond the planning stages. We have information to suggest that calls were made to have her appear at a certain location to facilitate the murder for hire conspiracy," said David Savage, an attorney representing Nancy Latham.

If the court papers were turned into a movie script, it would be a cautionary and sorted tale.  Spoleto board member and banker Chris Latham was heading to divorce court soon.

He and Wendy Moore, an alleged lover, both worked at Bank of America. The workplace is where Nancy Latham's attorneys claim some of the plot was cooked-up and Attorney Matt Yelvertson says they can prove it through the power of subpoena.

"Some examples of the evidence are electronic devices to which Ms. Moore and Mr. Latham had access," said Yelvertson.

Those putting together the civil case say Wendy Moore paid her ex-husband Arthur Yenawine cash, provided by Chris Latham, to carry out the murder of Nancy Latham.

Yenawine got some help and a ride from Kentucky to Charleston from his former cell mate Aaron Wilkinson. It all unfolded when Wilkinson was pulled over by Charleston City Police and officers say he spilled the details on the alleged plot, which Attorney Matthew Yelvertson believes was deliberate and cold.

"When asked if it matters if other people were with her when the plot was to be fulfilled, the response was no-- it will make it less suspicious if we take everybody out. "

The civil suit also alleges there are others involved who helped Chris Latham clean the cash used to pay the alleged hit-men, but they have not yet been named. Meantime both Wendy Moore and Aaron Wilkinson remain at the Charleston County jail.

At this time Chris Latham has not been charged with any criminal activity.  And the U.S. Attorney's Office will not be releasing any new details, telling News 2 federal investigators have sealed the case.

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