SC girl battling amoeba infection opens old wounds for another father

While an 11-year-old Beaufort girl fights a rare brain infection at MUSC, a Mount Pleasant father feels for her family because he knows what they are going through.

Dunn Hollingsworth lost his daughter, Liza, to the same disease 6 years ago. "On July 3rd she said I don't feel very good daddy," said Hollingswoth, "three days later she died."

Liza Hollingsworth was just 10 years old.

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"We called her Liza bug because she was just a little waterbug," said Hollingsworth, "she would go to the beach and you had to drag her out of the ocean."

Hollingsworth is well-versed in all things in Naegleria fowleri, the amoeba that caused the infection. "It's practically everywhere," said Hollingsworth, "but to contract it you just have to get the right drop of water up your nose at the wrong time."

Hollingsworth has read up plenty of research websites and says the best way to prevent the infection is to have your child wear a nose clip while swimming. "Is that being overprotective? Sure," says Hollingsworth, "it is isn't rare when it happens to you that's for sure."

The CDC says there have been less than 40 cases in the last decade. Hollingsworth cites three cases in the last six years in South Carolina as more than enough evidence. "If that doesn't make the hair on every parents' back stand up and say this is something now that I really need to pay attention to," said Hollingsworth.


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