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WCBD News 2 Advertising

Television, Internet and Mobile Advertising

WCBD Advertising:

WCBD News 2, Lowcountry CW, and is the best resource for up to the minute local news, weather, entertainment, sports, special features and streaming media in Charleston and the surrounding areas. We offer advertisers the opportunity to reach an educated and affluent audience that counts on dependable online coverage every day. Learn more about WCBD by visiting our About page.

Internet and New Media Advertising:

Advertising on is easy and affordable. We can pair our broadcast TV commercial advertising with your online campaign or package one of our other opportunities such as Yahoo Behavioral Targeting and Zillow Real Estate. Let us customize an affordable package for you today!

We provide extensive internet reporting to track impressions, click rates and more…

We offer a wide range of online services designed for you.

Online advertising is a dynamic, cost effective way to give more information to potential customers, especially when converged with broadcast and print publications. Fifty million Americans use the Internet every day for their news. Traditional media organizations dominate online news sources. Thirty-one percent of broadband users go to websites of a local TV news station.

WCBD Interactive, along with our broadcast services, offers advertisers an integrated solution to reaching customers effectively – from a cost and a communications perspective.

Let us show how our online services are right for you!

Standard Advertising: From standard rotational banners to rich media (banners, overlays, corner peels, etc) and pre-roll video.

Mobile Advertising:

WCBD Text Alerts – This is a text service for web enabled mobile phone users who subscribe to receive regular updates from Weather, News, Traffic, etc.

Mobile Website – WCBD has their own mobile website to reach our users on the go! You can run standard banner ads on our mobile site so you will never miss a beat.

Yahoo -  WCBD has partnered with Yahoo to offer Behavioral Targeting to our advertisers. If you could place your ad in front of a pre-qualified audience of users who are looking to buy your product, could you say no? A user’s behavior is tracked in live-time to determine when a user is looking to buy or engage with a product or service. Yahoo also has the ability to demographically (age, gender), geographically (by DMA down to specific zip codes), and day-part target users as well in order to reach your ideal audience target.

Zillow - Through’s Real Estate section and we are able to provide our advertisers the ability to reach users in the house buying process. Zillow is the second largest real estate site online. With a median household income of $77,695 and average credit score of 755 you will be able to reach a high-end user.

Creative Services: Splash pages / websites / contest pages / custom banner advertisements that integrate video, audio, and animation.

To get more information about Broadcast TV advertising contact Mike Austin,, 843-216-4865

To get more information about digital advertising, contact Mike Wellein by email or phone 843-216-4864.

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