New Comics Wednesday!

New Comics Wednesday

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Over the weekend, Warner Brothers dropped a multitude of film teasers and trailers for their upcoming DC movies at their virtual event, ‘DC Fandome’.

While you’ll have to wait to catch those new movies, there are plenty of new comic stories available right now.

That’s because today is New Comics Wednesday!

Courtesy of DC

Available today is the first issue of the highly anticipated book for 2020 from DC, Batman Three Jokers.

Batman’s greatest foe has always been The Joker, and The Joker is a villain Batman can never quite get a handle on.

We find out in this issue there may actually be three different Jokers.

This comes as a follow up to the 2015 comic, Justice League #42, where Batman becomes briefly omniscient by occupying Metron’s Mobius Chair during the events of the Darkseid War. One of the questions Batman asks the chair is, “What’s the Joker’s true name?”

The answer, however, isn’t as simple as the question. Batman learns after asking that question, that there is not one, but three Jokers.

This question within an answer has haunted comic book fans for years, and today, we are one step closer to the big reveal!

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

From Marvel Comics, a brand new issue of The Amazing Spider-Man!

We find Spidey stuck in the Ravencroft Institute, a home for the violent and criminally insane.

Can Spider-Man best the villainous Sin-Eater and make it out with his freedom and his sanity?

Check out The Amazing Spider-Man #47 to find out!

Courtesy of IDW

On the Indy side of comics we have a brand new Megaman!

Your favorite Capcon video game character is coming to the pages of IDW Comics.

What sort of adventures will Megaman undertake as apposed to his video game counterpart? Only one way to find out…

But wait, there’s more!

Courtesy of Doom Flamingo

A treat for those looking to check out some local comic book creators.

Local Charleston band ‘Doom Flamingo’ has released their first issue of their new comic book titled, Doom Flamingo!

The book takes place in a darker, parallel version of the Holy City, dubbed The Unholy City, and follows the main character, Domingo.

Domingo is one of the “doomed”, a group of beings existing in this world akin to mutants from X-Men comic books.

You can follow the adventures (or misadventures) of Domingo by heading over to ‘Doom Flamingo’s website here.

But be warned, this comic is for mature readers only. So if you’re on the younger side, no worries, the rest of the new comics on this list are perfect for you to read!

So, to discover the mystery behind the Three Jokers, or follow the latest adventures of Spider-Man, or see how Megaman holds up on the page, head on over to Captain’s Comics and Toys to pick up your new comic book today!

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