Grace Lowe

Weather has always played a huge role in Grace’s life. Growing up, she used to sit outside and watch
the sky for hours, trying to figure out when a storm might blow in. Now that love for weather has
brought her right here at News 2!

Grace is from Spartanburg, SC, where her adoration for weather began! A tornado blew through her
neighborhood when she was 8 and left a strong impression – of both terror and awe. That early
experience first sparked Lowe’s fascination with weather, and it’s only grown from there.

Grace is College of Charleston graduate with degrees in Meteorology and
Physics with a minor in Communications. Grace was very involved with the Meteorology program at the
college, and has helped build the program’s first broadcast room where students can work on their
forecasting skills. At CofC she managed the student voice of the College, CisternYard Media from her
freshman year to her senior year.

Grace was a summer intern at WCBD, and she immediately felt at home here in the Lowcountry.
Learning from the best of the best (Rob Fowler of course) she was “baptized by fire” during the night of
Tropical Storm Elsa, which brought 8 tornado warnings for the Lowcountry. Grace was there helping the
entire time. She might’ve been a little terrified, but she knew that at that moment- this is the job for her!
She is so excited to be staying in Charleston and keeping you informed on your weekend weather!

When she’s not staring at the sky, Grace enjoys spending time with her dog Kiwi (named after a song by
her favorite singer Harry Styles), reading any book that you will recommend, watching movies, and
playing show tunes on the piano!

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