Berkeley County is preventing absences by providing feminine hygiene packs

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BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Schools are always looking for a way to prevent absenteeism when possible. Berkeley County has one way of addressing an ongoing problem that you may have never thought about.

Thousands of donated packets are being used to help bring the absentee rate down.

“I absolutely love nursing,” said Cami Tidwell with Berkeley Nursing Services Coordinator. “I love taking care of people and helping people – it’s just my nature.”

Tidwell is now the Berkeley School District’s Nursing Services Coordinator. There is one easy-to-fix issue that the district noticed was causing some students to miss school.

“The Homeless Period Project relies on donations from the community to provide feminine hygiene products to females in need,” she explained.

About three years ago, the district started giving out packets of products with the Homeless Period Project that would help females get through their monthly cycle.

They expect to give girls about 6,000 packets this school year and are now taking them to all middle and high schools in the district.

If Elementary kids need them, they will help them as well.

While the packets are available to anyone in need, they really help those who can’t afford to buy the products.

“It is growing in popularity the more that they know that they’re there,” said Tidwell. “It has provided comfort and security for the students.”

If you need products or your child needs them, simply contact the school nurse.

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