Berkeley County, S.C. (WCBD) – In Berkeley County parents had to decide between in-person, virtual through live stream, and self-paced online learning options (7th-12th grade only).

60% of students are starting the year online leaving 40% of students to attend class in person.

Although the district is operating on less than half capacity social distancing measures have been put in place.

Signs and posters in every school remind students which direction to walk and how far to stand apart. Seats and desks are spaced out. Some schedules changed to limit crowds, including some students eating in their classrooms.

District officials say all students will have their temperatures checked daily.

“If it is a 99 degrees temperature during that temperature check they’re going to be sent to the nurse for a secondary check and as long as they’re not at that 100.4 they can go on to class,” said Katie Tanner, PIO for BCSD.

If you have any questions the district has a section on its website dedicated to Back 2 School.
Plans are also posted for each individual school.