CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Today is the first day of school for students in Berkeley, Colleton, Georgetown, Dorchester District 2, and Williamsburg county school districts. Here’s what to know as students head back into the classroom.

Dorchester School District 2

Today marks a new chapter for parents and students in Dorchester School District 2. After more than 20 years, DD2 students, staff, and parents will be under the leadership of a new superintendent, Dr. Shane Robbins, following the retirement of the longtime superintendent, Dr. Joseph Pye. In an interview with News 2’s Octavia Mitchell, Robbins listed his top priorities as he takes the helm of the school district, including closing the achievement gap made wider mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, school safety, and building relationships with the DD2 community. Not to mention, DD2’s newest school – East Edisto Middle. The new school will serve a high-growth area of the district easing the other overcrowded middle schools around the Beech Hill area.

Berkeley County School District

Over 37,000 students are expected for the first day of school for Berkeley County. BCSD leaders and staff say their focus is on getting things back to normal after numerous years of dealing with the impacts of the pandemic. Parents residing in some areas including Moncks Corner may see their students attending another school within the district due to a change in the attendance line. BCSD Superintendent Deon Jackson told News 2 the change was appropriate due to some of the schools having more of a capacity. This year, Jackson said he’s looking forward to making a positive difference this year.

See Jackson’s interview in full here.

Georgetown County School District

Georgetown County School District also made some changes for the new school year. Some schools have had some renovation work completed, including roof repairs, new HVAC installations, and technology upgrades and each high school in the district has a new artificial turf athletic field. GCSD will also have more behavioral health specialists for social and emotional wellness and each school now has school resource officers. The district is also starting a new e-sports team for students who enjoy video games.

Williamsburg County School District

For Williamsburg County residents, parents, staff, and students saw a major change in the district with the merging of C.E. Murray and Kingstree high schools. District officials say the merge is to increase enrollment after a drop at both schools. The change is also expected to alleviate the teacher shortage.

Colleton County School District

Schools in Colleton County can see changes as well. Some changes include a revised bell schedule, upgrades to school district security, and a redesigned discipline plan.