Tips & tricks for students to stay engaged during virtual learning

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Charleston, S.C. (WCBD) – While most students are still learning online in some capacity, students dozing off during class or getting distracted by their siblings are common struggles parents are finding.

Parents, along with educators, are having to finding creative ways to keep students engaged.

Jody Vitali, mom and co-owner of Charleston Moms has a designated space for her child to learn but isn’t afraid to change up the classroom scenery.

“If we can find different ways for them to be engaged with their learning but also still moving their body, like on a bouncy ball or a stationary bike, I mean whatever you need to do to keep that engagement,” commented Vitali.

Experts say having a set schedule helps students have the mind set of going to school even though they are staying home.

“So we put all of our school supplies, pencils, pens, notebooks, binders, everything on my daughters class table where she’s going to be doing her school work, put everything in a bin, and just set it up like you would your desk for school the next day,” added Vitali.

Facing a new form of exhaustion, Vitali says it’s important for parents to get some grown up time in the midst of virtual struggles.

“While we’re all trying to take care of our families physical health, we’re also trying to find a way to keep our mental health in tact,” Vitali mentioned.

During lunch, P.E., or the weekends, experts recommend parents get kids get outside, read books, and see friends whether in person or virtually to still get social interaction.

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