Kitten season is in full swing: how you can clear the shelter at Pet Helpers

Clear the Shelters

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Are you looking for a reason to adopt a furry friend? Clear the Shelters is happening this weekend. It’s a nationwide event aimed at finding loving homes for animals in our community.

Right now, kitten season is in full swing and one local shelter needs your help finding them homes.

“We have kittens coming out of the ceiling.”

Judy Oswald, the Shelter Manager at Pet Helpers said many of the kittens at the shelter are neonatal babies. This means they were likely abandoned by their moms and hand-raised by staff members.

“They become very socialized, they’ve been handled from a very young age, so they’re super lovey purr makers you can’t lose.”

Summer is one of the busiest times for shelters, so you should have no problem finding a furry friend.

“We have a variety of breeds at all time… ages, different temperaments, and personalities. Whatever kind of lifestyle you may have or a pet you might be looking for we surely have here.”

Oswald says the shelter gets a lot of dogs from other facilities lacking staff or space for them.

Each is medically and behaviorally cleared before being put up for adoption.

“She’s a big girl that wants to be a lap dog, but she’s absolutely perfect. We’re just looking for the family that is going to make her a part of it.”

And good news! This Saturday, all animals over 6-months-old are 50-percent off.

Pet Helpers will be open for extended hours from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. on folly road.

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