LEXINGTON, N.C. — North Carolina is known for barbecue. 

There are two distinct styles, Eastern and Lexington. The barbecue history began in Lexington more than a century ago and continues with dozens of restaurants today. 

In Lexington, restaurants cook over hardwood coals, slowing smoking the pork for up to 12 hours.  Then they hand chop the meat, pile it high covered with a vinegar-and-ketchup-based sauce and then served with a side of red slaw. 

Hundreds of thousands of people travel to Lexington just to taste the barbecue. 

Other attractions have grown up around the restaurants, including Childress Vineyards.  They even created a Fine Swine Wine to pair perfectly with the barbecue. 

The other sweet spot in town is The Candy Factory.  The old fashioned store sells a wide variety of candy from all over the country including hard to find candy from years ago.