CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Nearly a dozen News 2 viewers say the intersection of SC 165 and Highway 17 is extremely dangerous.

We first told you about the issue last month when residents in Ravenel raised concerns about large vehicles – like tractor-trailers – speeding through the intersection and causing accidents that are sometimes deadly.

“Sometimes, they’re approaching that intersection, and either they run the red light, or they anticipate that they can get through the intersection. But a person turning onto 165 from either direction is going to have an issue,” said Jack Scarborough, who lives in the area.

Scarborough went on to say, “They say, ‘well, the light is fixing to turn red, so they’re going to stop at that stop bar.’ And they don’t, and then you have a collision, and sometimes they’re horrific.” 

The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) told News 2 in June that a project was going out for bid that would add a left turn arrow to the northbound Highway 17 left turn lane at the intersection.

That arrow is one step closer to being installed as of Thursday morning.

An official with SCDOT said construction details are being finalized, but work on the improvements should begin soon. The entire project is expected to wrap up by spring 2024.

“As the procurement process concludes, construction details are still being finalized, but work on the improvements should begin soon and is expected to be complete by the spring of 2024,” said Kelly Moore, Director of Public Engagement, SCDOT.

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