CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – The Crosstown in downtown Charleston has posed problems for both pedestrians and drivers for years. One problem for many drivers is the merge onto Highway 17 from Coming Street as you head towards I-26 and the Ravenel Bridge.

A viewer reached out to News 2 saying people turning right onto the Crosstown do not often see the “keep moving, change lanes later” sign before the turn.

In fact, News 2 captured the issue on video earlier this week.

As a result, those cars slow down, and traffic backs up on Coming Street.

The viewer we spoke with suggested that the South Carolina Department of Transportation install posts that indicate the lane continues and block you from merging right away.

News 2 took that suggestion to the SCDOT. Officials there tell us there is a pedestrian crosswalk and signage just before the “keep moving” sign.

For safety, they said the pedestrian signage takes priority over the other sign.

SCDOT also said the last time the intersection was evaluated, they found there was not adequate width to install those posts, or delineators, like what was suggested.

Without that space, the posts are more likely to get hit by cars, which could cause an obstruction in the roadway.

So remember: if you find yourself at this intersection, and there are no pedestrians present, you should continue moving through the merge and change lanes after you get onto Highway 17.