DORCHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Dorchester County residents are still begging for answers about the replacement of a closed bridge near their homes.

When we first told you about the bridge over Four Hole Swamp that gave way, you may remember a viewer who told us they were having to travel eight to 10 miles out of their way to get around the closure, adding hours to their time behind the wheel each week.

Now, those who travel along that stretch of Horseford Road say the only thing that has changed since our last story, is that those large orange cones blocking the road have been replaced by giant piles of dirt, making Horseford Rd. impassable.

“People getting frustrated, tempers getting bad, people not getting answers. And, you know, people move barricades. So, what they did is just take a bunch of fill dirt and dump it on both sides of the road,” said Jack Lee, who often travels through the area. “We’d just really like some answers and somebody to stand up and say ‘Hey, we’re going to have this done by this date, we’re in the process of buying the material, or rounding up a crew to at least get started…'”

Dorchester County neighbors are simply fed up that weeks later, as roadwork seems to continue just about everywhere else, it is still not being made a priority by the South Carolina Department of Transportation. And, along with a hefty gas bill, they’re worried the closure could cause serious problems in the event of an emergency.

“Now, if somebody has a medical emergency — and there’s a lot of older people that live in there now — you call 9-1-1… the fire truck that got to us really quick, that’s a volunteer fire truck department around the corner on Horseford Road, they have no quick route or way to get to us.,” said Lee.

Lee and his wife have been in contact with SCDOT but officials there have not been able to nail down any details. Here’s what they told News 2 earlier this week:

“SCDOT is in the process of adding this bridge to our bridge replacement program. We do not currently have any details to share in regard to the construction timeline, but expect to have additional information at the end of this year.”