CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – One issue frustrating a Lowcountry driver is other motorists simply not using their headlights at the right times – especially on rainy days.

John Hart wrote the County on 2 newsroom saying he has noticed the problem getting worse over the last few years in both Charleston and Berkeley counties.

In fact, on Sunday, Hart said he counted 10 cars on his commute with no lights on during heavy rainfall.

“It can be a huge rainstorm, you can barely see the road, and dozens of cars are just riding along with no headlights on. It’s unreal that people do this,” he said.

We took the concern to the South Carolina Highway Patrol. Trooper Nick Pye reminds drivers that you are required by state law to use your headlights properly.

Trooper Pye acknowledged that drivers having their lights off when it’s dark is an ongoing problem on roads in South Carolina, especially during the summer.

“We always preach ‘wipers on, lights on,’” he said, adding “Especially this time of year, we get those midday thunderstorms. And it gets dark out, but not dark enough …  some people are not going to remember to put their lights on.” 

Trooper Pye went on to say, “When you’re fully committed to the roadway, when you’re not distracted, when you’re paying attention, it’s going to click, and you’re going to say ‘hey, I’m turning my windshield wipers on because of this rain that’s falling down, I need put my lights on as well.'” 

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