DANIEL ISLAND, S.C. (WCBD) – From traffic patterns to potholes, and stoplights to speeding – some things out on the roadways just drive you crazy.

Last week, we heard from many News 2 viewers about problems they are seeing on the road. So, we got to work getting some answers and solving problems.

One of those concerns comes from a Daniel Island resident, Molly May, who said the Beresford Creek Bridge needs to be replaced. She said it’s heavily traveled and is just one of three ways on and off the island.

“This is long-awaited (4.5 years) and necessary to resume passage of emergency vehicles and provide a pedestrian path to connect the Daniel and Thomas Island communities,” said Molly in her email to News 2’s Megan Fee.

A metal plate has served as a patch on the bridge for about five years. And since 2019, some vehicles – like ambulances – have not been able to cross because of a weight limit placed on the bridge.

We have some good news for Daniel Island drivers like Molly. This week, the bridge is now one step closer to being replaced.

Charleston County Council approved the contract for replacement on Tuesday.

It’s a project District 1 Councilmember Boyd Gregg said has faced obstacles like getting utilities relocated for years.

“It’s served its purpose, it’s time to come down,” said Councilman Gregg. “Hopefully we get something in there that one: is going to be much safer, but two: is going to have much better access and connectivity to places off Daniel Island as well.”

Gregg said plans for the new bridge will make it easier for pedestrians and bikes to get from Daniel Island to Clements Ferry Road.

Work will get underway this summer, causing all Daniel Island traffic to be rerouted onto I-526.

“It’s going to be closed for a few months. Obviously, we want that impact to be as minimal as possible, hence why we’re trying to get this done in the summer, when there’s a minimal amount of school traffic on that road,” said Councilman Gregg.

As for Molly, she acknowledged Gregg’s commitment over the last two years to getting this project completed.

If there is something driving you crazy on the road, don’t hesitate to let us know about it. Email Megan Fee at mfee@wcbd.com.