CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) — From speeders to slowpokes and bridges to blinkers, some things out on the roadways just drive you crazy.

This week, we heard from one News 2 viewer about a stoplight in downtown Charleston.

“Today was five honks, yesterday was six honks, something is going to happen!” said Patti Winders, resident of Charleston, about the traffic light at the corner of King Street and Cannon Street.

Winders said the light was partially covered by palm trees and difficult to see clearly, making the intersection dangerous for both pedestrians and drivers.

“My office sits at the corner of King and Cannon, and I get to look at the beautiful city, but I also, just sitting here, see how many people don’t realize that this one particular traffic light is set back, where the others kind of jut halfway out,” Winders said.

Winders said trimming the trees would be a simple solution, but also asked that the city consider repositioning the light.

News 2 brought this concern directly to transportation officials with the City of Charleston. Within days, crews were already working to get it fixed.

“When this was brought to our attention last week, we went out and looked at it, and we had our forestry staff go out Monday morning and prune the palm trees to open up the visibility to the stop lights,” said Jason Kronsberg, director of parks for the city.

In addition to trimming more trees, Kronsberg said the city is now evaluating a few different options to improve the corner of King and Cannon going forward. Those include removing certain trees, as well as installing mast arms, so the stoplight extends over the roadway instead of being set back.

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