WANDO, S.C. (WCBD) – Dozens of people reach out to News 2 every week with issues out on the roadways. This week, one issue stands out more than the rest. Since last Thursday, multiple drivers asked us to investigate the dangerous intersection of Highway 41 and Reflectance Road.

Those who travel the stretch of road in the Wando area said there should be a stop light. They say drivers turning onto Highway 41 often don’t come to a complete stop, or even blow through the intersection completely- often causing crashes and near-missed almost daily.

Drivers say the flashing warning light typically goes unnoticed.

Shannon Tucker said traffic on Highway 41 has picked up with more development in the Huger area.

“Every time I approach that intersection, whether I’m going or coming home, it just makes me cringe,” said Tucker. “I’m just like, constantly putting on my breaks and looking both ways to make sure cars just don’t start jutting out. But there has been, since I’ve been here, numerous accidents there.”

Tucker said whether you are making the turn from Reflectance, dodging oncoming traffic and cars flying above the speed limit, or you’re driving through on the highway itself, the two-way stop just is not cutting it.

“I definitely think that the traffic light would be the best solution for anyone coming in any direction,” said Tucker.

Tucker said many of her neighbors have voiced their concerns to the South Carolina Department of Transportation for months, and this week, we did the same.

“SCDOT most recently reviewed the intersection in 2019. Our local traffic engineers are continuing to evaluate the intersection and potential improvements,” the department said in a statement to News 2. “In the short term, our crews are installing additional pavement markings and improved intersection signage.”

We’ll keep you posted on any changes that are made to the intersection.

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