Charleston native Aaron Hines gets a chance at ‘The Voice’

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – From the sanctuary to the center stage, Aaron Hines proves no matter what, your faith can take you far.

Aaron grew up in Charleston in a family of athletes and soldiers. Even though he too played sports, at a very young age he realized his talents were far away from any football field.

“Sports, military, corporate, that’s kind of the base of my family. I thought about going that route, but I was just always super passionate about music,” said Aaron.

After much encouragement from a childhood friend, Aaron performed for the first time in his eighth-grade talent show — and won​! He soon began playing the drums and piano for his church.

“I literally helped raise him, make sure he was okay all throughout high school and made sure he got into college,” said Pastor Lance Johnson, Sr. of The Revelation of Christ Church, or ‘The ROC Church.” Aaron then went on to Charleston Southern University, and Pastor Johnson then hired him as an intern at the church.

“He became like a son to me, and still is,” said Johnson. He also says from the very beginning he knew Aaron would make it to the big stage.

“I’ve seen him come from simply playing the drums when he first came to the church, and then he taught himself how to play the keyboard, and then initially again, he taught himself how to play the bass and the guitar.” Pastor Johnson says he saw Aaron’s progression first hand. “I told him years ago prophetically, that ‘you were going to do something great and was going to make an impact in this world through your gifts.'”

Aaron began writing his own music and singing with various groups throughout college, but a phone call one day put his dreams on hold.

“I got the news about my mom actually being diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer,” said Aaron.

He was ready to move home and take care of her, but she pushed him to keep singing. After two years of chemo, and a whole lot of faith, Aaron’s mother beat cancer. Her courage inspired him to go for ‘The Voice.’

Pastor Johnson recalls the moment he learned Aaron would be on the show. “He called me and he said ‘Pop, I gotta tell you something and you can’t tell anybody.’ I said okay, well I’m pretty used to that being a pastor, and he says ‘Well I’m on The Voice!’ and I go wow okay.”

Aaron says he’s still learning new things about himself. “It’s been the most emotional, encouraging, inspiring, life-changing experience ever.”

Sadly, Aaron did not make it to the finals, but his village of supporters continues to grow.

“The most encouraging part about it, is I tell a little more in-depth the story about my mom and just her having breast cancer for a while, and how it affected our family.”

One thing’s for sure, this won’t be the last time you hear the name, Aaron Hines. He’s currently working on new music, new merchandise, and booking shows.

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