CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- A Charleston family is getting the chance to reconnect thanks to a new show on Disney+.

The Wilsondebriano Family will be featured on ‘Disney Family Reboot,’ an upcoming show by executive producers Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos.

Parents Monique and Chevalo launched the ‘Charleston Gourmet Burger Company,’ an all-natural, gluten-free line of burger marinades and sauces, several years ago. The products are available in retail locations across the country including Whole Foods, Costco, Walmart, and more.

But, with all the work of a new startup, Monique and Chevalo found themselves losing touch with their daughters, Ashley and Amber. That’s where ‘Disney Family Reboot’ comes in.

“Even though we’re all in the same house and we work from home, we’re not necessarily always spending time together,” Monique said. “We have a successful business that we’re very thankful for but sometimes we get so caught up that we’re going, going, going.”

Each episode of the show follows a different family as they take time away from their busy schedules to “reconnect and rebuild their family bonds” on a week-long vacation. For the Wilsondebrianos that means a week of games and dancing on a remote farm.

“We did not know where we were going,” Monique laughed. “What you’re going to see is true.”

The family must leave their electronic devices behind and find their accommodations the “old-fashioned” way using a paper map. Once they have arrived, they are greeted by their trip guide, Spirit, who helps them through the first activity of finding the key to their house for the week.

“If you ever go through that, not having technology, I mean that is strange,” Chevalo said. “I never really realized how attached I am to the phone and to the laptop.”

As the week progresses, each day is filled with different games and activities meant to strengthen communication and collaboration, all while having fun. The family also participates in deeper conversations about how to reconnect and benefit most from the mini-vacation.

“Each day we had a new activity that we were going to do, but we had no idea what it was,” daughter Amber said. “It was cool because it would drive us to work together, speak to one another, and try to figure out all these different crazy things that they came up with for us to do.”

“The families leave the journey completely “rebooted” – more connected, happier, and ready to take on their busy lives at home again, but with an entirely new outlook,” the show’s description reads.

And it was not just an opportunity for the parents to connect with their daughters, but for the sisters to reconnect too.

“I feel like it’s kind of a weird, but fun experience because me (sic) and Amber are so different,” Ashley shared. “I wanted to reconnect with my sister a lot because we are busy people. We’ve never gotten the chance to just make jokes with each and just laugh and have so much time to be with one another.”

The Wilsondebrianos said while this was a unique opportunity, the benefits can be achieved by any family.

“I would say you don’t need tv cameras to follow you around to do this,” Monique said.

“I think every family should just go for it because it was such a healing experience,” Amber said.

The Wilsondebriano family is featured in an episode entitled ‘The Family That Dances Together Stays Together.’

“Let’s just say we’re able to bust a move,” Chevalo laughed.

All six episodes will be available for streaming on Disney+ beginning June 15. Click here to watch the trailer.