Hurricane Michael: 6 Months Later

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Rubble lies where an entire row of self-storage units once stood in Parker, FL. A heavily damaged second row is visible in the background.

Piles of debris such as this one are a common sight on the sides of roadways. 

Concrete cinderblock buildings like this one in Parker, FL were no match for Hurricane Michael's 155 mph sustained winds.

Springfield Baptist Church, founded in 1943, was once used as an emergency shelter against hurricanes. It was no match for Michael's wrath and is now an empty husk. The congregation attends services at other local churches. 

Homes with blue tarps is a common sight as residents wait for insurance to process claims. There are not enough contractors to complete the work in the Panhandle. Many residents are quoted for work to be completed weeks or even months in the future.

Staging area for debris removal trucks. Hundreds of the trucks work around the clock to remove debris in Florida's Panhandle.

Power recently restored to the sign in front of Springfield Elementary. Bay District schools have since made the decision to shutter it and several other area schools due to student enrollment decline and lack of funding to repair damage. 

A home is boarded up and abandoned in Springfield, FL.

This warehouse served as the distribution center and sorting facility for Goodwill for the area. The walls blew out on the warehouse and operations have no resumed.

An apartment complex stands abandoned in Lynn Haven, FL. Nearly every apartment complex in Bay County, FL sustained heavy damage and remain in various states of disrepair.

A destroyed home stands testament to the destructive wind of Hurricane Michael in Lynn Haven, FL

A closeup of the Ford Mustang in a warehouse exposed to the elements.

A warehouse used to store personal items stands exposed to the elements, revealing a classic Ford Mustang amid the debris.

Lynn Haven United Methodist Church, in Lynn Haven, Florida, is shown in this picture from April 7, 2019. Six months after Hurricane Michael, the congregation is meeting in an alternative location as their main campus sustained substantial damage.

A damaged gas pump sits abandoned. Many gas stations were heavily damaged by Hurricane Michael and only a fraction of those have re-opened, leaving residents dealing with longer lines and further drives for fuel.

A root ball of a downed tree lies abandoned in a yard in Lynn Haven, FL. Such sites are common in the Florida Panhandle.

The Grocery Outlet closed at 9 p.m. on October 9. On October 10, Hurricane Michael closed the store forever.

A shot inside a grocery store in Lynn Haven, FL. The store was heavily damaged in Hurricane Michael and shows no signs of re-opening.

Blue tarps have become a common sight around the Florida Panhandle. This one hangs haphazardly trying to keep the elements out of a small warehouse that's front wall was blown away during Hurricane Michael. Photo taken April 7, 2019.

An apartment complex in Callaway, FL that is completely uninhabitable. No progress has been made on restoring this property.

A business in a light industrial park remains fenced off with heavy damage. Photo taken April 7, 2019.

On October 9, 2018, this was the Callaway location of Sonny's BBQ. On October 10, Hurricane Michael damaged the business to the point they shut down. Now, the damaged building is for sale.

This retail shopping center in Callaway, FL sat in Hurricane Michael's eyewall for over an hour, destroying local businesses like One Stop Flowers, pictured here. The strip mall looks the same now as it did on October 10. Photo: April 7, 2019.