SC lawmaker, former White House correspondent remember 41st president George H.W. Bush

George HW Bush

COLUMBIA, SC – The world is still reacting to the loss of President George H. W. Bush. 41, as he’s being referred to, is remembered for putting patriotism before politics. 

Reporter Georgiaree Godfrey had the chance to speak to a former policy consultant for Bush, as well as, a reporter who was in charge of documenting his moves and legislation.

Charles Bierbauer was the senior CNN White House correspondent during George H. W. Bush’s presidency.

He explained how international turmoil defined the single-term presidency.

“Even though he was president for only one term you had the fall of the Berlin Wall, you had the collapse of communism, the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the war in the Persian Gulf, a broad coalition that he pulled together… that perhaps only he was well qualified to do,” Bierbauer elaborated.

The 41st president is remembered as a patriot that was approachable and inviting. SC Representative Bill Taylor served as a consultant for one of Bush’s policies. Taylor recapped his interactions with the president citing his gentle demeanor. 

“If you wanted to recall him maybe I would use the word sweet. He was very kind and very giving,” Taylor added.

An example of that sweet and gentle nature was the “Points of Light” initiative. The national campaign highlighted citizens making an impact in their communities. 

Taylor continued, “President Bush wanted a kinder and gentler nation he, therefore, recognized that it was the real people of this country that makes it work.”

At 94-years-old George H. W. Bush spent more than 70 years dedicated to this country bringing a unique style to the White House that will forever linger in its halls. 

“I wouldn’t say he was a daredevil but he just bristled with energy and brought that to the White House. Sometimes it was a bit goofy, sometimes it was endearing for the approach that he had. But I don’t think you could ever question George Bush’s patriotism,” added Bierbauer. 

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