GOOD QUESTION: Are there any good mosquitoes?

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Mosquitoes can be quite pesky in the summertime. We do everything possible to keep them away from bug spray to citronella candles and even some dryer sheets. But Nicole wondered if there is such a thing as a good mosquito?

Count on 2’s Brendan Clark went to the experts to find out.

Mike Hillman and Nick Meade, partners with Mosquito Hound Pest Control, are charged with getting rid of the bloodthirsty insects.

Professional treatment is a good defense for the pesky bugs.

“There are a few different products we use,” said Hillman. “We use one product whose specific job is to stop mosquitoes from becoming an adult. The other actually kills the mosquitos.”

While almost everyone would be happy if they didn’t exist, mosquitoes do serve a purpose.

“Believe it or not, mosquitoes do have a reason for being in the ecosystem. Birds and fish feed off mosquitoes, especially mosquito larva,” he explained. “Once they become adults and they are breeding, that’s when they become a problem for us – that’s when they start biting us.”

But not all mosquitoes are created equal.

“The big ones that people are typically seeing are going to be the male mosquitos that don’t bite you,” explained Hillman. “The female mosquitoes are the ones that bite you because of the need the blood to reproduce. So, when you are seeing the big ones flying around, usually that’s a male who is not going to bite you.”

Either way, it doesn’t take long for them mature and come looking for you.

Don’t have standing water in or around your home. Mosquitoes will search out moist shady places during the heat of the day. That’s why the drier, the better.

“Really, trying to keep it dry is about the best thing you can do other than having a barrier spray put out like we do,” he said.

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