GOOD QUESTION: How much of the $1.5B Mega Millions Jackpot would SC see?

Good Question

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCBD) – On this week’s Good Question, Lydia wonders about the $1.5 billion unclaimed Mega Millions lottery ticket sold in the South Carolina Upstate.

She asks, “I would like to know how much money goes to the state and how it is spent.”

Good Question, Lydia. Brendan Clark spoke to the Lottery Commission to find out.

“We haven’t heard from the player. Have no idea who it is. We’re just patiently waiting for them to come forward and claim their prize.”

What we know is that someone from a store in Simpsonville hit all six numbers in the Mega Millions jackpot drawing – and what a jackpot it was, 1.5 billion!

Only thing is, it’s been three months and no one has claimed that prize.

Julie Huffman with the State Lottery Commission says they are simply playing the waiting game right now.

“You don’t know what they are doing,” she said. “They might be taking some time talking to financial advisors, going to banks, speaking to lawyers. It’s just up to the player, might be very cautious.”

Or, they just might not know they are now billionaires. But if they don’t claim the prize by April 19th, it could cost them and the state a lot of money.

“If the prize goes unclaimed the amount of the jackpot, the $1.5 billion, will be split up between the 46 jurisdictions that participate in Mega Millions, and South Carolina, in that case, would get $11.2 million – that would be appropriated by the General Assembly to support education.” Explained Huffman.

But, if the winner does come forward…

If the prize is claimed by a winner, if they choose the one-time cash option, the state will get $60 million in tax revenue.

And even if the winning ticket was bought by an out of state visitor, it was sold here and has to be redeemed by the State Lottery Commission.

“Very beneficial to our state if they claim it.”

How that tax revenue is spent is decided by the General Assembly.

The one-time payment would be $877 million. They could also take a 30-year payment plan to be taxed every year.

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