Good Question: What is happening with the ‘Medal of Honor Museum’ at the Yorktown?

Good Question

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – A story was released on Wednesday and brought with it a lot of confusion over the National Medal of Honor Museum.

The story said Arlington, Texas has been selected as the new home of the $250 million museum and that is was moving from its current home on the USS Yorktown in Patriot’s Point.

That is not true.

“Anytime you put Medal of Honor on anything it’s going to bring some confusion,” said John Falkenbury. Executive Vice President of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society. “There is confusion because the Medial of Honor is not trademarked, and because it is a national medal. So, therein lies the difference.”

So, the difference is the Medal of Honor Foundation is the one taking this project to Texas.

CEO of the organization, Joe Daniels, said they had planned on building this museum in Patriot’s Point, but started a nationwide search last fall after problems with the Town of Mount Pleasant and the museum’s design.

“If other organizations want to bring a museum to life, then they are more than happy to do that,” said Falkenbury.

The Congressional Medal of Honor Society, which Falkenbury works for, is an entirely different group with a similar name.

The foundation led by Daniels is in no way connected to the museum located aboard the Yorktown.

So, the bottom line: The Yorktown’s museum is is not relocating to Texas.

“The main message is that the Congressional Medal of Honor Society headquarters on the Yorktown will remain on the Yorktown and the museum archives is a joint operation with Patriots Point and the Congressional Medal of Honor Society,” he explained. “These archives belong to the society and will remain here in Charleston.”

Also, there are currently only three sites Congress has dedicated as National Medal of Honor sites; Patriot’s Point, Indianapolis, and Riverside, California.

“If opportunities arise that we can work collectively with Patriots Point and the Yorktown to do something to enhance the museum, we will consider that.”

Over 3,500 heroes have received the Medal of Honor since the Civil War, 71 are currently living.

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