NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Located on the upper part of Rivers Avenue in North Charleston sits a former fire station – Old Station 6 – that some believe carries a deeper history.

The building is now privately owned, but former employees of the old fire station say they have felt a presence while previously working on the property.

There are a number of stories as to how Old Station 6 in North Charleston became haunted.

“From what I have been told when I first came in, there was a train accident and the train hit a car and it took about a mile before the train came to a stop with the vehicle. And the guys who were before me, claim that the guy on the train right behind here came, moved in here and that’s who been here,” said Battalion Chief Alkahabir Smith.

While working at Old Station 6, Chief Smith says he liked to be the last person to go to bed, but he may have not been the only one who was still up.

“Sometimes I’ve closed the door and I’ve heard either footsteps coming or going downstairs and (I look to) see if who up and there’s nobody, everybody sleeping and lights still out and stuff,” said Chief Smith.

“Sometimes I brush it off as nothing, but then sometimes you know, the hair on the back of your neck stands up,” said Chief Smith.

Former Deputy Chief Stephanie Julazedah says one of the most interesting experiences she had at the station was when she was temporarily assigned as a firefighter.

“I was not familiar with the station whatsoever, so I was sleeping very lightly that evening for my 24-hour shift. I was in the main firefighter room. There was a firefighter sleeping to the left and to the right of me and I was sleeping on my side. So I think I was sleeping, and I felt a hand, grab my shoulder, and shake me. I immediately woke up, looked to my left, looked to my right and nobody was up, nobody was walking around,” Julazedah recalled.

She also explained another incident when she would do reports at night. “I would be the only one still up doing incident reports and I could hear the chairs at the kitchen table being pulled out and then pulled back in and that would happen in a matter of seconds. And I would go downstairs and there would never be anyone downstairs,” she said.

Julazadeh says after she shared her story of what happened other firefighters came forward and shared theirs.

“A firefighter who was trying to get out of their bedroom at night and the door appeared to be jammed or closed or locked and they were yelling for help and actually the other firefighters in the station came out and tried to pull on the door and it felt like somebody was, the door was unlocked, it just felt like somebody was keeping the door closed, like pulling against them,” she explained.

Julazedah shared another story she heard: “One individual actually said he saw the shadow. He was in the top bunk, so the shadow was quite tall, and the shadow told him to get out of bed. He tried to get out of bed, but it felt like something was holding him down.”

Retired Battalion Chief Russell Stanley says he felt the spirit was playful, watching over the crew when nobody else was around.

All three crew members discussed separate instances in the bathroom where unusual things with the faucet happened.

“I saw the faucet being turned on. We had a paper dispenser. Sometimes the paper would just come out for no reason and nobody’s in the bathroom,” explained Chief Smith.

“Getting up to go to the bathroom sometimes the water would be turned on at the faucet for no reason, and I’ve actually had personnel at the station tell me they saw it go from not running to running water without anybody touching it,” said Julazedah.

“Had one experience where I went into the bathroom and I guess he decided he needed to wash his hands, so the water came on and I said, hey, I pay taxes here if you’re done washing your hands, please turn the water off. Sure enough, the water went off, I was like thank you, and walked out the bathroom,” explained Retired Chief Stanley.

Although there is no real telling of what or who haunts the building, firefighters who worked at the station are left with many stories from their time at Old Station 6.

“It was an adventure living with a group of people and then the ghost,” said Retired Chief Stanley.

Elements courtesy City of North Charleston