CHARLESTON S.C. (WCBD) – In 1992, the Blind Tiger Pub first opened in it’s Broad Street location, but it wasn’t until after their renovations in 2016 that stories began.

While the pub may be your usual go-to for night-time drinks or a Sunday catch-up with old pals, General Manager Jay Hanckel said they believe someone else was there before even the Blind Tiger itself. 

“We’ve named her Helen. We had a story, I guess someone a long time ago jumped off the top of the building and before she died they dragged her into the building to kind of try and revive her. She actually died inside of the building,” explained Hanckel.

While the story of Helen has not been verified by historians, the building is known for it’s role in prohibition and it has much of its original structure. Part of that original structure can be seen outside in their moss and vine-covered courtyard, while the other part is hidden underneath the building.

Inside the trash room, underneath some cardboard awaiting recycling day, is a latched door that leads underground. Hanckel, opened the door to show News 2 what was once the underground tunnel system that dates back to a time when alcohol and gambling were illegal.

In the present day, the tunnel is only opened for sewage concerns, and the pockets where individuals once grabbed an illicit drink are said to be boarded up.

Nonetheless, the accounts of ‘unusual events’ occurs for many working in the pub.

“Glasses will fall off the shelf or I’ve had employees says that they’ve had a coffee mug ‘fly across the room and hit them in the back.’ I don’t know if that’s a tale to cover up a broken mug, but I believe her,” Hanckel said.

Hanckel said he’s also been told by employees that there have been cries of ‘help’ heard from below the floor boards. Upon checking their latched door, no one was there.

As for Hanckel’s own experiences?

I came in, I was unlocking the door, I had a weird feeling about it. I was like, I didn’t want anyone to scare me so I was checking it out, just looking. I unlocked the door, opened it up, and as I opened it up I saw these two figures just go running out the back door. Which was odd, so I chase after them, and when I get back there it’s just eerily silent. Especially here late, there’s nothing going on so you can hear anything and there was nothing. Dead silence. Didn’t really think much of it, I check the spots that people think they can sneak in and stuff like that. There was nothing there, and then I spoke with my other manager at the time and he was like, it might have been a ghost, and that when my throat kind of closed up. And I was like, uh yeah, possibly.  

Jay Hanckel, General Manager Blind Tiger 

Despite the cries of help from below, the shadows, and the thrown mugs, Hanckel said Helen, and whomever else, is part of their story.  

“I don’t know, it’s just one of those things. Ignorance is bliss when it comes to ghosts. So maybe, it’s just better to maybe think we’ve got it, and maybe think we don’t and kind of just keep doing what we do,” he said.

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