PINOPOLIS, S.C. (WCBD) – Legend has it that inside of the Old Nazareth Cemetery in Pinopolis, SC, there is a ghost roaming the field.

According to the story, a woman named Annie was married to an abusive man who, in a fit of rage, decided to cut off her head one day.

Annie was buried in the cemetery and is said to be walking the grounds searching for her missing head.

I decided to reach out to people in the community to see what they know about this story. Many said they were familiar with the story as it was told amongst their friends years ago.

Donna Reed, a longtime Berkeley County resident, was the only one who would do an interview as she shared her “Headless Annie” experience.

She said the story was told to her by her grandma who would always tell her “don’t be going out there.”

However, Donna said, one night, she and her friends decided to take a visit to the cemetery and test out the legend for themselves.

She says it was told if you walk around the graves and say the name “Headless Annie” three times then she would appear.

The group took part in the challenge but never actually saw the spirit, but they did witness something strange.

“[It] was like a storm inside…Everybody was like ‘it’s not blowing out there like it was in there and everybody was looking at me and we walked out and…you could see the trees inside that were blowing around that and I just said ‘nope, no more.’

Donna Reed

Donna said once they said Annie’s name the winds started to pick up and blow inside of the cemetery, but right outside of the gates, she said there was no wind blowing at all.

Ever since that incident, Donna has never returned to the cemetery.

Although she had a weird experience, she said she sees no issue with kids today calling out to “Headless Annie” for themselves if they go for the right reason.

“If they go out there and did it like we did, just for fun…and see if anything happens then that’s one thing, but if they go out there with spite and destroy stuff then no stay out of there and let them rest,” said Reed.

When looking back on her one visit to the Old Nazareth Cemetery, Donna did share her opinion on just how true the legend really is.

“It’s definitely a possibility. I’m not going to rule it out. I don’t know where her head went, [but] I’m not going to stay there and help her find it.”

Donna Reed

Although, no on has reported seeing “Headless Annie”, she may still be out there searching for her missing head.