GOOSE CREEK, S.C (WCBD) – The city of Goose Creek, like many other cities in South Carolina, has its own unique history.

Some of the city’s history just happens to have a more scary vibe.

Former Goose Creek Mayor Dr. Michael Heitzler researches history and came across some of Goose Creek’s haunted history over the years.

One story he talked about happened at the historic St. James Chapel of Ease and involved a wedding that did not necessarily begin on the right foot.

“The story about Mad Archie Campbell. He was a young British guy. He was a handsome fella and liked to dance with the girls..he fell in love with one of those girls down in Charleston and so he kidnapped her and rushed her to the St. James Goose Creek church and put a pistol up to the minister and said ‘marry us or I’m going to shoot your brains out’. He marries them…they end up falling in love and having children and then he got shot in the back trying to escape the Patriots.”

Dr. Michael Heitzler

The legend has it that Mad Archie Campbell still haunts the church to this day.

Down a dirt road in a private location is Medway Plantation that holds several haunted stories but there is one in particular that Dr. Heitzler remembers that’s about a woman looking for her lost love.

“[There’s] a wife who is waiting for husband to come back from a hunting trip and he got killed and so she had this horrible sense of loss and you can still see her looking out the window…I saw her.”

Dr. Michael Heitzler

Dr. Heitzler said he believes he only saw a figure through the window on the plantation because of the distortion of the windows, but still thinks it’s a great haunted tale to introduce to both residents and non-residents alike.

Ghost stories have been a part of our culture for a very long time and Dr. Heitzler believes they serve a purpose in society.

“Are you trying to make people scared?….No, it has an essential message that needs to be passed down from one generation to the next.”

Dr. Heitzler wrote a book full of additional haunted stories titled “Goose Creek Ghosts and Ghouls” which you can buy in Goose Creek City Hall.