SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – While Charleston is brimming with ghost stories and haunted history, Summerville has some spooky tales of its own.

For decades people have shared their experience with the Summerville light on Sheep Island Road, otherwise known as Light Road.

Origin of the Summerville Light

A stretch of dirt road surrounded by overgrown trees and brush led to a spooky experience for those who dared to face the light.

A railroad track once ran near Summerville back in the 1800s, and according to local lore, the wife of a conductor would travel a nearby dirt road with a lantern every night at midnight to greet her husband with lunch as he passed through.

One night the woman was left waiting for hours. As it turned out, the train had derailed and her husband was decapitated.

She was devastated by the news and never came to terms with the death of her husband. Hopeful for his return, she would visit the spot every night to wait for her husband up until her own death.

Legend says if you travel down the road late at night you would her the typical sounds of forest — crickets chirping, leaves rustling in the nighttime breeze, and frogs croaking in the distance.

Stop on the road, flash your car lights and the sounds would suddenly stop. Then a small ball of light would appear, resembling a lantern moving from side to side.

Some say if you walked towards the light it would chase you.

Unfortunately that road has since been developed. Where the over grown trees reached across the dirt road now sits a neighborhood of homes. But what does new development mean for a woman who is still searching for her lost love?