CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- As social distancing and working from home become the new normal for millions of Americans; cabin fever is inevitable. The Works fitness studio in Downtown Charleston shared a few ways to stay active while protecting our community.

Sarah Frick is the owner of the The Works; a studio designed to change the way you look at working out. She is passionate about the impact that physical fitness can have on your mental and spiritual strength.

“It’s not just a physical thing,” says Frick. “You can hop on there for 10 minutes and its science-your brain feels better.”

One of her mottos is “get in the room,” meaning leave all inhibitions at the door when you come into the studio. In the room, there’s a sense of community.

With the Coronavirus Pandemic requiring social distancing, in-person classes have been shut down. Luckily, The Works has a streaming platform that can help fill that void.

“We have workouts from 10 minutes to 50 minutes. You can mix and match, you can put them together, you can do them in your living room or while you’re traveling. That was really our idea behind streaming; we wanted to bring The Works soulful fitness to as many people as possible,” says Frick.

While nothing can replace the experience of being at the studio, they’ve started utilizing social media to keep their community connected. Their Vimeo account already has dozens of videos uploaded with cardio, meditation, yoga, and strength training routines.

Through encouraging posts, sharing tips, and holding friends accountable, they hope to brighten spirits during this stressful time.

“It’s a really fun way still stay connected during a time where we’re supposed to be isolated so we don’t feel so alone,” says Frick.

To check out The Works on Vimeo, click here. For their Spotify playlist, click here.